Dustin Earley is an editor, writer, podcaster and student with a passion for all things geeky.

In his professional life Dustin has been writing since 2009. First with the Android sister site to PhoneDog.com, DroidDog.com, and now as a Senior Editor with Android and Me: one of the web’s number one destinations for Android and Google related news, reviews and editorials.

Throughout his seven years in the industry, Dustin has published over 2,500 articles, served as a cohost on two highly regarded podcasts, immersed himself in social media, and worked with some of the web’s best publishers, designers and advertising agencies.

Alongside his Senior Editor position with Android and Me, Dustin works in communications with the County Road Association of Michigan where he does everything from writing, to pitching, event planning and website maintenance.

Dustin is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Communications from Siena Heights University, with an emphasis on marketing and management.

In his personal life Dustin likes to cook, explore foreign cuisine, read, and study up on fragrances and perfumes from around the world.

If you need to get ahold of Dustin, the easiest way is through his Twitter account, @du57in, where he’d be more than happy to provide you with an email address or phone number if necessary.